There are many lessons which we can learn from sports, especially from team sports like football, baseball, relays, and in all individual sports.

1. Unity: Without unity you hardly win a game. Sports taught me that I need to work  together with my team members with a singleness of mind which results in unity.
2. Confidence: Players in sports have to make several decisions at crucial times and those decisions become useful for the team. It makes them confident to make important decisions at the right time.
3. Hard work: You can’t win a game without hard work. You need to work hard at every moment to stay in the game. You realize this thing while playing.
4.  Spirit: Sports taught me to play together and work together with others in the team. When you observe that working together is giving advantage to your team’s performance, you are determined to play with team spirit.
5. Discipline: When a single player doesn’t follow rules and regulations of the game, it affects the performance and efforts of other players too which may result in a defeat. Sports taught us to be disciplined.
6. Honesty and sportsmanship: Honesty automatically comes when you play with team spirit and discipline. A true player is always honest.