She was born in August 15th 1981 AND Passed on in November 19th 2018

She was found dead by Aurelien Boyer- her YoruFrench husband when he returned home from work.

She was many things to many people. She worked at so many prominent radio stations and became the iconic Area MAMA when she became the only female radio presenter anchoring a early morning show.

Things You Don’t Know About The Late Tosyn Bucknor .
She wanted to be an actress, singer and writer, before she stumbled into her career in radio.
. She was a Lawyer, graduated from the prestigious UNILAG
. She is the only female radio presenter in Nigeria who handled a morning show by herself…
. She isn’t just an OAP, she’s also a vlogger and blogger.
. She has sickle cell anaemia…
. She is married to a French man, Aurélien Boyer aka YoruFrench
. Tosyn Bucknor is the mastermind behind One Mic Naija.
. She runs a podcast called “The Tosyn Bucknor Show”
. Her sister is Funke Bucknor-Obruthe is the CEO of Zapphire .
RIP Tosyn Bucknor