Looking forward to the time when we will have Nigeria table tennis players in the top 100, top 50 and top 20 and possibly top 10. for now top 100 is the challenge to other players both men and women with the exception of Aruna. UNFORTUNATELY ONLY 3 AFRICANS (Dina Meshref, Omar ASSAR And Aruna Quadri) are in the top 100, and these 3 AFRICANS ARE ALSO IN THE TOP 50 BUT ONLY 1(Aruna Quadri ranked 19) OF THE 3 Is IN THE TOP 20. Omar moved to number 44 while Dina has moved to 42.

There is so much work to be done …Knocking on the door of the Top 100 is EGYPTS SALEH who is ranked 104 and Nigeria’s Omotayo who currently ranks 122. For the ladies no other African lady is ranked in the top 130. so there is so much work to be done. For Nigerian’s there is a massive boost in men’s and women’s rank, while Omotayo is finally showing that he has come of age. For the ladies, the likes of Ajoke Ojomu, Oribamise Esther,Funmi Ajala and Fatimo Bello has shown bright light and great prospect infact FATIMO is the bigger MOVER in the world in AUGUST she moved from a lowly 873 ranked player to 270 ranked player in world table tennis..