Player (ITTF ID) Position   Points
EDEM Offiong (102445) 159 2205
OSHONAIKE Olufunke (106995) 164 2139
ORIBAMISE Esther (122193) 269 1091
EFFIOM Janet (114685) 291 923
AJALA Funmiola (122241) 291 923
OJOMU Ajoke (122660) 315 878
AREGBESOLA Nimota (123998) 393 586
AKPAN Cecilia (106868) 404 543
ODUSANYA Abosede (122195) 425 496
AYINLA Alimot (123136) 425 496
FASHOLA Aminat (123149) 425 496
HUSSAIN Halima (114776) 425 496
ONOJA Agnes (122659) 442 473
HASSAN Oluwafunke (113533) 442 473
ARUNA Ganiyat (113485) 801 118
BELLO Fatimo (115379) 873 23
KAZEEM Fatima (113494) 873 23
AKINSETE Abosede Esther (137142) 873 23
OKU Vivian (132012) 873 23
OGUNDELE Rashidat (106880)  873 23


Above is the latest ITTF ranking released in August 2019 and it speaks volume concerning the level of growth of the Nigeria table tennis players.

The points accrued by any player on the table tennis circuit is as a result of constant tournament appearance and the impact at those tournaments. So its not a thing of joy to see how far we have regressed as a nation in women’s table tennis.

The number one ranked Nigeria female table tennis player,EDEM Offiong is outside the 150 best ranked women table tennis players in the world and she occupies the 4th position on the continent behind the dominant Egyptians who has the honour of having a top 50 player in the person of Dina Meshref.

Though a good performance at the on going ITTF challenge plus will surely do Offiong a lot of good but might not be enough to leap frog the two of the three Egyptians above her, Dina the undisputed queen of African female table tennis is out of reach regardless of her performance in this tournament. Offiong has held on to her number one position in the country and her quarter-final victory over Funke Oshonaike at the Africa table tennis championship has further cemented her hold on the top spot.

There is a lot of work still to be done in improving the lot of our table tennis players. There is absolute lack of infrastructure, equipment,regular training,competition and exposure.

That is why all the hapzard and tournament oriented effort of the NTTF has only yielded stunted growth. The state sports ministries or commission aren’t exempted because they have hitherto continuously played lip service to table tennis. They are willing to splash money to host competition just to put up a show to the world but development of the Nigerian personnel, players and coaches involved are totally neglected. There is a great task ahead …