The queen of Nigeria female table tennis, the evergreen Funke Oshonaike has taken to Facebook to bring to the attention of the world, people who are out to discredit her, spreading falsehood and trying to bring other table tennis players and coaches into disrepute. She issued a disclaimer on her personal Facebook page.  The post is reproduced below:

Attention!!! Attention!!!! Attention!!!!

This is to all Nigeria TT players/coaches 🏓🏓, to my friends and loved ones, and to whom it may concern!! Pls don’t message me to tell me any bad thing about anybody if you don’t want me to ask the person. I hate gossips!!! You can gossip about me if you want( it’s allowed bcos I’m a public figure ) but if you ever try to pull me down, or destroy me with your gossips, be rest assured that God almighty will deal with you mercilessly.

if you don’t believe in God , The law of karma will surely catch up on you. Remember what you do to others will surely come back to you!!! My greatest joy and happiness in life now is to see the younger ones excel, I’m always very sad when I see all my TT kids going through difficulties. I want the best for all of you .

*SO IF ANYBODY COME TO TELL YOU THAT FUNKE SAID ANY BAD THING ABOUT ANY OF YOU, PLS DON’T BELIEVE IT WITHOUT CONFIRMING IT FROM ME FIRST* . *If you choose to believe them, then you are as well bad as the rumor mongers*. A word is enough for the wise!!!#letsshamethedevil 😡. Wishing you all a nice weekend free from dem say dem say😁😁😁.. please share so it can get to everybody 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽