With two games played in the seven games series finals, the Eastern conference finals is heating up.It seem the direction of the trophy this season “whatever it takes” might end up in the GREEN land of the Celtics.


In game one Celtics (the 17th time world champion) blew away the Cleveland Cavaliers (the defending Eastern conference champions) 108 – 83 with Lebron scoring only 15.The Cavs could only score more than 20 points in the third quarter while the had a miserable 18,17 and 19 in the first, second and fourth quarter respectively.


The second game was more competitive as Lebron shook off “the cage’ he was put in the first game especially the good work Murray put him in, he had a triple double with a massive 42 points in the second gameĀ butĀ his team mates couldn’t raise their game to complement his effort.The Celtics took hold of the game from the third quarter and never looked back, they went on to win 107-94.


In Celtics playoff history,they have 37-0 when they have taken a 2-0 lead.Going by this statistics we might infer that the series is all but over. Well the Cavaliers will have a lot to say about that, Lebron have promised that the world would see what stuff they are made of on Saturday.