FIBA REPLACED UMAR’S NAME ON THEIR WEBSITEFIBA on its website,replaced Tijani Umar’s name and replaced it with that of KIDA and its executive members.So officially, the world governing body directly recognised the newly elected board led by KIDA. Any internal dispute should be settled amicably and by NOVEMBER 30TH 2017, FIBA will revisit the issue but between now and then all correspondence would be with the KIDA LED BOARD.


We can categorically state that some are trying to fan the embers of disunity because the Kano election was held on a day other than the stipulated date and Umar had served his 2 terms of 8 years as NBBF President. The discordant tunes remind one of the evil that played out during the NFF versus Giwa saga where some journalists went to town to report that Giwa Rufus held and won a election. This is what had played out in the Nigeria Basketball Federation where some people, administrators,journalists, are serving the parties involved to the detriment of sports in general and thereby causing chaos in the basketball polity.



It must be stated the Umar had used the mandatory 2 terms in office

Tijani Umar since he took over the reins as NBBF president in 2009 has done well.It will forever be in the annals of history that TJ (Tijani Umar) left a legacy that must be built upon, especially his drive for grassroot development of the game, he had given his best to the game and he must leave while the ovation is loudest.


While the November 30TH date stipulated by FIBA for the country to resolve internal issues, FIBA has also stated that they will relate and deal with the KIDA led board that was why neither Umar nor any of his former board members could go anywhere near MALI, for the just concluded Afrobasketwomen2017 which the D’tigress won after twelve years of trying to regain the continental honours. The communique…


excerpts “5. FIBA will communicate, as of now and until 30 November 2017 solely with the persons named as board members on 13 June 2017 namely Mr Ahmadu Musa Kida as NBBF President and Mr Babatunde Ogunade as Vice President using for official correspondence.

6. FIBA maintains that while this letter clarifies the line of communication between FIBA and its member and divisions, on one hand, and NBBF on the other, it shall not be understood as a recognition by FIBA of the management elected on 13 June 2017.”



We have read on many platforms that the league hasn’t been concluded but we all know that leadership is continuum, immediately a new board was inaugurated, the UMAR board should have handed over so that the newly elected board can continue from where they stopped. The idea that Umar and his board must conclude every post season event after FIBA has stipulated that they will be liaising and relating with the KIDA led board until NOVEMBER 30TH 2017 after which they will review the situation is strictly a call for anarchy.

Finally, since FIBA have taken the political option and not ordered a fresh election or give a direct pronouncement on the ISSUE ,we should all sheath our swords and let the board recognised by it preside till the NOVEMBER 30TH 2017 DATE. The discord is an unwelcome and unnecessary waste of time and energy. The basketball family in NIGERIA must close ranks and work together, Kida and Umar must not put personal interest above the good of basketball in the country.