I am angry. In 2001, Mathematical Segun Odegbami proposed a joint West Africa bid for the 2010 World Cup that had been zoned to Africa. Many called him crazy. FIFA rejected the idea for being logistically cumbersome (or a logistic nightmare). I guess they were too proud to admit such a brilliant idea could come from a black man.
Today, the same FIFA, albeit with a different head, awarded the World Cup of 2026 to a joint North American bid. Logistics only apply to African matters.
Invariably, by their action, they have proven Odegbami to be a visionary leader ahead of his time and have shown their lack of respect for Africa as the North American bid came at the expense of Morroco.
I think FIFA owes Odegbami and the bidding committee an apology and all the critics need to go back to their comments and retract them.
Watch this space for more on this matter. This is just my first angry reaction to Sports marginalization of the highest order.