Kean was racially abused during Juventus’ win at Cagliari on Tuesday and having been booed and bleated at throughout the match the Italian international Kean after scoring Juve’s second goal responded by standing in front of the Cagliari curva with his arms akimbo.

Bonucci comments, “There were racist shouts after the goal,” Bonucci acknowledged when speaking to Sky Sport Italia after the game. “Blaise [Matuidi] heard it and was angry. I think the blame is 50-50 because Moise shouldn’t have done that and the curva should not have reacted that way.” made in an interview has been a subject of serious backlash from some players

Balotelli wrote – “Tell Bonucci he’s lucky that I wasn’t there,instead of defending Keane, he does that? I’m truly shocked.” While Yaya Toure was incensed by the defenders actions wrote “For me, nothing is worse than having a teammate attack you,” said the Ivorian.

Many players of colour like Kevin Prince Boateng, Memphis Depay, Raheem Sterling etc also responded to Bonucci’s careless interview