Previous quarter-finals: who had the most entries?

IN all the 3 times English clubs have had 4 teams in the quarter finals
ONLY LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER UNITED HAVE BEEN INVOLVED – 2018/2019 , 2008/09 , 2007/08 and these two are the most successful Clubs in England

in 2008/09 , 2007/08 when we first had 4 English teams in the quarter final at least one of the teams got to the final 1.chelsea and manchester united in 2007/08 and manchester united in 2008/09 (vs .@FCBarcelona)

In all lists eventual winners shown in bold

2018/19: 4, England (Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur)
2017/18: 3, Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla)
2016/17: 3Spain (Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2015/16: 3Spain (Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2014/15: 3Spain (Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2013/14: 3Spain (Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2012/13: 3Spain (Barcelona, Málaga, Real Madrid)
2011/12: 2Spain (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
2010/11: 3England (Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur)
2009/10: 2England (Arsenal, Manchester United), France (Bordeaux, Lyon)
2008/09: 4England (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United)
2007/08: 4England (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United)
2006/07: 3England (Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United)
2005/06: 3Italy (AC Milan, Internazionale Milano, Juventus)
2004/05: 3Italy (AC Milan, Internazionale Milano, Juventus)
2003/04: 2England (Arsenal, Chelsea), France (Lyon, Monaco), Spain (Deportivo La Coruña, Real Madrid)