……… at the final of the ZENITH BANK WOMEN PREMIER LEAGUE when UMAR was introduced as the President of NBBF I WAS ASHAMED… AFTER FIBA’S LETTER ??….. I don’t expect UMAR to behave the way GIWA DID …. though I know Patrick Omorodion has “tried” severally as “consultant” to the umar group but I am indeed not impressed, by the fact that what Obasanjo did (3RD TERM) and the whole nation berated him, the same thing Umar did and the likes of Ikuesan (a man I have respect for), Olumide Oyedeji supported him (I saw Olumide on Saturday dishing out instructions, coordinating proceedings from the sides). For the sake of our basketball, let the Umar group leave in peace, their heads should be held high, they have served, I don’t agree that there should be any negotiation because I know they would be bidding for safe landing .. In all, the nation’s interest is paramount. There is greater work to be done in NIGERIAN BASKETBALL .I expect people people from all works of life to be very objective regardless… but so far I have not been impressed by the actions and inactions of many- because many have blindly taken sides based on sentiments. UMAR has tried, he shouldn’t destroy his legacy for anything, its time to bow out now.

The new board should be supported and scrutinized to make sure they aren’t lax and are accountable cum innovative so they, with all stakeholders and fans alike can take Nigerian basketball to its Eldorado . I checked FIBA website and this is what I saw concerning Nigeria …(see pix attached), smell the coffee… NOVEMBER 30 IS JUST A DATE , INTERNATIONALLY KIDA and his group are already recognized, locally by the powers that be, NOC , SPORTS MINISTRY have inaugurated them. So, what remains is for peace to thrive .. 2 terms is enough to make a positive impression and lay a great foundation for basketball in NIGERIA..