Many have wondered why AITEO aren’t making a fuss about their not getting “mileage” for their sponsorship of the oldest football competition in the land. The rude shock to all those that have preoccupied themselves with such query is that – The company ain’t complaining and they seem to be getting the Mileage they so much desire – people are talking about them in good light and their is no bad press. Everything on google now unlike in the past is about their big CSR to NFF and partnership with CAF for the annual award. It was a sponsorship arrangement only known to the NFF power brokers we can deduce that its more of a padi padi arrangement that gave AITEO a platform to put their brand forward in great light. Same goes for their sponsorship of the CAF AWARDS. its all in a bid to “reposition” the brand as a people friendly,open business brand that is giving back to the society in terms of sponsorship of football both at National and Continent level.

The ball is in the court of the NFF Who haven’t deemed it fit to promote and elevate the most important and biggest competition at their disposal. its a shame that the razzmatazz that followed the FA CUP in years gone by couldn’t be reenacted even with the sponsorship arrangement with AITEO that has been noised to the high heavens. I believe the first Vice president of the NFF understands the power of the FA , the magic of the FA CUP if Amaju the man i refer to as the accident “football administrator” might not have experienced the power of the FA CUP. So its like forcing the horse to drink milk when actually all he wants is water. Until Amaju himself sees beyond his personal vision for the sports of football there wont be any paradigm shift .For the FA CUP, we might continue to beat the air for the next four years if JESUS tarries.