in the first ever NBA Finals game played outside of the United States, Pascal Siakam’s career-high 32-point haul helped lift Toronto to a 118-109 victory over Golden State.

In all four of the previous Game 1s in which they’ve competed, Golden State have always emerged victorious. However, those wins came at home, and this time Golden State didn’t have home-court — or home country — advantage.

Between them, Small Forward Kawhi Leonard and towering Center Marc Gasol added another 43 points to Toronto’s pot.

For the warriors, despite Stephen Curry scoring 34 points and Klay Thompson netting an admirable 21, the so-often sharp-shooting pair were slow off-the-mark in finding their grove.

So often disappointed in the play-offs, Toronto got off to a jittery start when Kyle Lowry fired a pass well out of bounds during the Raptors’ first possession.

But quickly they settled their nerves and rose to the occasion, building a ten point lead as the klaxon sounded for halftime.