Sevilla fans will be celebrating late into the night, their club has, after all won a match in England for the very first time and the team at the receiving end of that defeat are none other than Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United. Mourinho’s decisions to leave out Juan Mata from the starting line up will be one that will be hotly debated along with whether he can ever get the superstars of his team to play together in harmony. It is, however the end of the Champions League road for Manchester United. With the Premier League also practically out of reach, they can finally use all their resources to try and win the FA Cup again. It did mean a lot to big teams even as recently as in the 90’s.

Sevilla, whose last Champions League game in England ended in a defeat to Leicester City, have gone on to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. Ben Yedder came in the 73rd minute for the woeful Luis Muriel and the match was never the same since then. In the end, there was some rather strange football with Sevilla, despite the team defending a lead, choosing not to hold on to the ball and United, despite having at least eight players in the box, unable to find even a single one of them. It was a rather strange night at Old Trafford and most of the match was devoid of any quality whatsoever. But no one would remember that as it had a nail-biter of a finish after Lukaku pulled one back. It is back to the drawing board for Jose Mourinho