Kelechi’s form and performance finally hunted him in the Senior National team, the competition for position and places in the team is very fierce and no player is allowed to be complacent ..


The trend has been that there are untouchables in the team, players we refer to as the coach’s boys, and it would be an anathema to even dare to think that they can be dropped from a 23 man squad to a major tournament.Unfortunately the level of talented players we parade across Europe can’t guarantee some players their shirt if and when their form has dropped drastically.


Kelechi was once the best youngster in the world, a beloved of Porto, Mancity and many European teams but his downward slide is well documented and he can’t blame anybody but himself for his not making the 23 man squad to AFCON 2019.

Great Youngsters

No matter the level of success we have achieved, big,small and huge ,we must always try to manage the success and remain hardworking and humble. So many young players like Leroy Sane who was brought in as a replacement to Kelechi as Mancity, Raheem Sterling had shown that he can adapt and put to good use a good coaching style and improve his own game. Marcus Rashford in the absence of KANE became the official penalty taker for England and has become a stay in the English National team. All these players and more were not as popular and potent as Kelechi under Pelegrini..

Greater yet thirsty

it’s not money, fame or glory no its share lack of hardwork, that brought Kelechi down from his tower to the ground floor and made him lose his place in the team.Compared to the great Cristiano who is the first to get to training he doesn’t come close on money matters, Fame he is not a yard close to Messi whose fame hasn’t robbed him of hardwork and more hunger for Success. We can conveniently say that he is no where near Marco Asensio in glory, the Spanish 23 year old has won 2 Champions league, Super COPA,3FIFA Club world cup,LaLiga and more, yet he is still thirsty for more glory. These are examples players that Kelechi could have looked up to and compare himself with so that he wont sit on his bum believing that he has arrived.

Lesson’s learnt

Just as Ruiz crushed the complacent Anthony Joshua, Kelechi was dropped from the team, but all hope is not lost as he has the unique opportunity of bouncing back to reckoning and regaining his place in the team.Smell the coffee he has to work extra hard and excel in his club so that the selectors in the NATIONAL TEAM can give him another chance to give the first impression.