Coaching is strategic to good performance and in recent times,it has shown that our coaching team as presently constituted, cant take our players to the desired NEXT LEVEL,knowing fully well that there is a BEST LEVEL on which many nations like China,Japan,Germany operates and the level which the Egyptians(Nigeria’s biggest rivals ) are aspiring to.
 Quadri Aruna feat last year in both the African tourney and ITTF NIGERIA OPEN was an eye opener because he went back to his roots and worked with a coach who knows the game and knows the ways of his players. Tactical it was obvious in both finals that the highest ranked African, played and won with a big input from the sidelines.
Apart from the perennial lack of funds, infrastructure and enabling environment which the players and coaches alike suffer from,there are numerous coaches that have taken it upon themselves to go for personal development and improve their knowledge of the game.
Honestly if you are a TRUE lover of the beautiful game of “PINGPONG”, You will know that the train of modern trend has left Nigeria behind and we are struggling for breathe. The success of Aruna Quadri is the only pointer that has been used over the years to measure the growth of the game in the country but that is a very bad yardstick(His success story is just the way of the gods) . imagine the dilemma our players face , Most of the clubs have collapsed and all that the players do are irregular trainings especially when they see a tournament approaching while they use other days to FEND for themselves because they are left in the cold concerning their career progress.
It’s painful when you hear that the coach that guided Aruna to triumph JUST last year is now the coach of Another African country.. good for the coach, sad for the country(man must CHOP).
The high level ministry like politiking has killed every iota of development and worthy coaching appointment in the land. While those that occupy the space are immovable because they are civil servant in nature and they know their ways around, the other coaches continue to look on and those that are worth their salt, seek “greener pastures” to better their lots knowing fully well that in Nigeria – the proverb A PROPHET IS WITHOUT HONOUR IN HIS COUNTRY is very rife.INFACT IT’S THE NORM.
It’s time the federation becomes proactive and not continue to function like most of our sporting bodies , where the administrators only seek international recognition and personal position in international bodies and neglect their PRIMARY ASSIGNMENT of developing the game at home.
They must look inward to see to it that this sport must not die. The potential of table tennis in Nigeria is MASSIVE,it was in this country that Cadbury Bournvita brought the BEST in the world to the national stadium surulere and our own ATANDA MUSA played along the Mozart of table Waldner and the then world number one table tennis player jörgen persson.
We need to bring back the glory of table tennis and all hands must be on deck without any iota of sentiments.
Worthy of note is the significant display of Fatimo Bello, Ajoke Odumosu and Esther Oribamise in recent times, many of her peers like the holder of Asoju Oba Bose Odusanya,etc are fading we must do all to encourage this trio so that we can make out of them another Funke oshonaike, Kuburat Owolabi and of course Bose Kaffo.
Check out most developed table tennis playing nations, you will find out that their EX players who have gone ahead to qualify as coaches are playing pivotal role in their coaching structure and indeed are taking the lead in nurturing the next generation of superstars.
Finally the ITTF CHALLENGE PLUS KICKS OFF TODAY .. it is pertinent that our representatives perform very well and go on to be on the podium.our men must rise up to the occasion and keep the trophy here for the second year running