The Africa star living in Germany…

She has been living in Hamburg for more than 20yrs….

She was not truly loved by her close Africa family in Hamburg and was abandoned…

She was not truly loved by her Africa church and was abandoned and sent away when she needed help…

She was loving the wrong so called Africa sisters and brothers in Hamburg but the only thing they did was to gossip , hurt, humiliated and maltreated her..

She was innocently among the wrong African people not knowing that , they are hypocrites , backstabbers, pretenders, evil minded people..

She was never celebrated by her Africa community in Hamburg Germany instead they celebrated mediocrity , hypocrites, pretenders and so on…

She learnt her lesson and now she found love and joy from the right People around her …

She’s loved and respected by her Hamburg Table Tennis Family .

She’s loved unconditionally by her kids

She works in a big German company and She’s loved and respected by her German colleagues and bosses at work.

She’s loved and respected by her German bosses at work.

She’s always being celebrated by Germans in Hamburg

She feels more at home with the right people she now move with, mostly Germans now…

She now worship at an international church that knows the true meaning of the words of God not preaching the words of God with Africa culture . She’s loved and feels at home there. Thank God for my new home and worship center

Much More to say but thank God and thanks to all the Germans that has shown me love and affection and for making Hamburg a peaceful home for me. Thanks to Hamburg for adopting me

I don’t have an African friend in Germany but I thank God for the few , like 5 African that loves me and was there for me during my trials and tribulations period..

She’s now truly loved by the right people . Her name is Funke Oshonaike. She gives love because she want love in return.

Funke is an African Woman in Germany. Funke hate tribalism or racism….. Funke is not ibo, Hausa, or Yoruba in Germany, so please don’t ask me when you see me where I come from in Nigeria. I’m simply an African and a Nigeria woman living in Hamburg .

Though, don’t get me wrong , we still have lots of nice, wonderful Africans in Hamburg but they are just scared. I love and appreciate those ones

Once again thanks to all my German family for your love and care

Love can come from anyone. Wishing you all a lovely weekend