At the ongoing Winter Olympics 4 Nigerian ladies Simi Adeagbo (Skeleton), Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga (Bobsleigh) shone like a million stars.They made history by competing at the ongoing winter Olympics in Pyeonchang. Though the ladies didn’t finish within the medal zone, they competed and posted new best times in their event. While some section of the Nigerian media where busy castigating them for underperformance and they being a disappointment, others were celebrating their courage, performance and perseverance. Participation for some is victory in itself. There were a lot of back and forth but the overwhelming support prevailed and the girls held their heads high so much that the South Korean fans also caught the support-bug and made their participation celebration on its own.

Thank God some were disappointed, they might not have been in the medal zone but they are ladies, I mean noble Nigerians of high integrity who do not believe in cheating or doping to get to Eldorado. Instead they engaged perseverance, tenacity and audacity.

The seemingly harmless, easy bobsleigh event, so some rickety mindset on the Nigerian landscape thought, is the same event that some established, long-term athletes doped to participate in. Disappointment, maybe some persons would have been happy to celebrate an “overachieving Nigerian bobsleigh team who doped, got to the podium and won for themselves a tainted medal worn around their necks with a guilty heart. Maybe some won’t be disappointed after all if the whole wide world celebrated our girls (like they did Ben Johnson in 1988 when he defeated the great Carl Lewis ( Lewis has lived his life trying to discredit Usain Bolt and his achievements) but they were later caught and disgraced for taking the least performance enhancing drugs.

We believe some persons would have been happy if the head of the team “Jamaican” them by taking away the sleigh and left them with nothing to participate with, till one South Korean company come to the rescue of the “perpetually underachieving bunch of NIGERIAN girls ”.


Thank you because it wasn’t you that made headlines for the wrong reasons … imagine a country like Russia which fought tooth and nail to get representation at the Olympics and when they did, they made headlines for the wrong reasons. Read this ….  “The Bobsleigh Federation of Russia and the athlete herself understand the extent of their responsibility and understand how what has happened can have an impact on the fate of the whole team,” the federation said.Earlier this week, Russian curling medalist, Alexander Krushelnitsky, agreed to hand back his mixed-team bronze medal after testing positive for meldonium, which can boost endurance.The new development is a major blow for the country’s hopes of regaining its Olympic status and would have allowed its athletes march with the Russian flag at Sunday’s closing ceremony.It was hoped that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would lift its suspension on Russia’s Olympic committee. That prospect is now severely complicated by the second positive test of a Russian athlete. Russia now accounts for two out of four positive tests during the Games.”

 Personally we believe that most Nigerians feel elated that unlike the Bobsleigh athlete Nadezhda Sergeeva, a Russian, who tested positive to a performance-enhancing drug at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, which the much maligned Russian bobsleigh federation attested to, our own beloved girls performed under the influence of courage, grit and grace. Our “babes” broke barriers, surmounted difficulties (became one of the world’s best 20 bobsleigh team) and registered their presence with a never-to-be-forgotten performance howebeit in a “WINTER OLYMPICS”. Adeagbo, Adigun, Onwumere,Omeoga your family names remain intact, you didn’t bring the name of your country into disrepute, the whole world celebrates you. TIME magazine, Ellen,Visa, Nigeria Government, Over 180 Million Nigerians continue to celebrate you. You put our country’s name on the map, made sure that the vibes we got after your scintillating performance (imagine yourself moving at 130KM/h) were positive vibes and praise worthy.

We are not disappointed, infact we celebrate you the more… ladies hold your heads high… you nailed it. Forever engraved in our hearts is the joy you brought, the positive energy you possess the interest you generated in Nigerians for winter Olympics. SALUTE