If ever he beats Manny Pacquiao, Keith Thurman believes he’s ready to fill the Filipino icon’s place in the boxing pantheon.

“Most definitely,” Thurman said during a PBC conference call from Tampa, Florida, on Sunday, July 14 (Monday, July 15, Philippine time).

Thurman knows if he passes the Pacquiao test he will not only extend his legacy as an unbeaten champion (29-0 with 22 knockouts), but become a legend himself.

“To become a legend you have to beat a legend,” said Thurman, who’s confident he’ll include Pacquiao in his list of victims after their unifying duel for the World Boxing Association welterweight crown.

According to Thurman, Pacquiao, not being a technical fighter, is bound to commit mistakes and he’s going to pounce on such opportunities in the pay-per-view bout slated July 20 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.