Many years ago when we beat South Africa it was normal and it never made the front page news but when it’s the other way round which never happened until recently – precisely about a year ago, the airwaves were bombarded as if they had won the world cup.

Luckily for them they have really had it so good against Nigeria’s Super Eagles under Baxter-  the 2 wins secured against Nigeria (in the friendly and AFCON 2019 qualifiers) were under Baxter’s tutelage hence the pride and “confidence” shown leading to this crucial and all important match against the Super Eagles.

We go down memory lane to roll out how the encounter between the two nations have panned out over the years


In all, they have played 13 times , Nigeria has won 7 matches , drawn 4 and lost 2 against South Africa.

10 Oct 1992           Nigeria v South Africa  4-0         FIFA World Cup
16 Jan 1993           South Africa v Nigeria  0-0         FIFA World Cup
10 Feb 2000           Nigeria v South Africa  2-0        Africa Cup of Nations
31 Jan 2004           Nigeria v South Africa  4-0        Africa Cup of Nations
17 Nov 2004          South Africa v Nigeria   2-1        International Friendly
01 Jun 2008          Nigeria v South Africa   2-0        FIFA World Cup
06 Sep 2008          South Africa v Nigeria   0-1        FIFA World Cup
14 Aug 2013          South Africa v Nigeria  0-2         International Friendly
19 Jan 2014           South Africa v Nigeria  1-3         African Nations Championship
10 Sep 2014          South Africa v Nigeria  0-0         Africa Cup of Nations
19 Nov 2014          Nigeria v South Africa  2-2         Africa Cup of Nations
29 Mar 2015          South Africa v Nigeria  1-1         International Friendly
10 Jun 2017          Nigeria v South Africa   0-2        Africa Cup of Nations