When you spell death it starts with D, and after the AFCON 2019 draws yesternight in Cairo the composition of Group D easily gave it away as the tournaments group of D

The group is composed of Powerhouse and former winners of the competition Morocco, Ivorycoast , SouthAfrica. and Namibia

Morocco are really thirsty for the trophy they last won in 1976 when Ethiopia hosted the tournament. That victory remains the only victory recorded in their history. South Africa at the height of the reconciliation moves spearheaded by Nelson Mandela won the Trophy in 1996 as Host. While Ivory coast won it twice beating Ghana on penalties on both occasion , first in 1992 in Senegal and 2015 in Equitorial Guinea. Namibia is the outsider in the team and a “newcomer” to the big boys stage, on paper they remain the weeping boys of the group but this is football anything can happen on the field of play.

Certainly at the end of the group matches one of these former champions might pack their bags and head for home