President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF), Musa Kida, says there is no court injunction restraining him and his board from carrying out any activity in the name of NBBF.

Kida said this in an interview following reports that his board had no right to organise the just-concluded 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the federation held in Abuja on Saturday (April 13).

“There is no court injunction stopping us from doing anything, what you see in the press is the figment of some people who sit down and begin to misinterpret the decision of the court,” he said.

However, Kida explained that it was not correct to say that there was an order of the court preventing his board from performing its duties after the court struck out the matter.

“At the beginning of our tenure, Auwalu sued the Ministry of Sports and the minister in person before the election of June 13, 2017 that brought us, trying to stop it from holding.

“After our election, Auwalu in his suit also joined us individually and collectively in the NBBF for the court to rule that we are not a board or we should not be the NBBF.

“What has happened in the last two weeks is that the court has struck it out and has said that we are the NBBF board elected on June 13, so, we challenge those misinterpreting the court ruling to prove that there is a court injunction stopping us from working.

“We have analysed it very well and we have made public statements and we abide by that because we are law abiding people,” he said