FFormer US world swimming champion Ariana Kukors has opened up on her former coach, Sean Hutchison, accusing him of sexual abuse when she was a minor.

At this time, Hutchison has not yet been charged with any crime, as the agents in charge of the case are still studying all the details.

Despite the former coach already giving his version of the story, claiming she was of legal age and always consented, the world champion has recently published an extensive letter entitled ‘My story,’ explaining her recollection of the details.

He was a nice, charismatic and an incredibly convincing leader and we clung to every word he said,” Kukors confessed in her letter.

“We would do anything for him and he knew it, he asked about our lives, how we felt, what we were doing that night.

He made me feel special, the chosen one in some way, both in and out of the water, and I swam better than ever.”

It was not until she was 15 did she realize that her former coach was interested in more than helping her swim faster.

“It all started the day he asked me if I was wearing underwear,” Kukors added.

“That was the beginning of the abusive and manipulative relationship.