Reality check

He came to England with an enviable record – a winner, but after the conclusion of the first season, he got a rude awakening that unlike leagues that he had conquered, this is actually an entirely different ball game. For the first time in his illustrious career, Pep Guardiola, the Apostle of tiki taka, saw his tiki taka turned to katikati in the English Premierleague. He went EMPTY, Zero trophy, in his first full season in the toughest league in the world. Many can argue about that but for PEP it should be because it was the first time he didn’t win a trophy in his first season, he didn’t win the league but lost the title to another “greenhorn” in the English league.


Trust the English media, banters were thrown and they took him to the cleaners. Fast forward, he spent heavily in his second season bought a defender for 50million (for a man who once boasted that he won’t even buy a striker for that amount but he would rather raise them in the Lamasia, that was a serious statement of intent). The money spent isn’t the issue but he bought players he needed for every position, (afterall, most coaches of BIG teams are expected to spend BIG because they have large war chests, we don’t expect smaller teams to compete in the same market because they simply don’t have the cash).


After a shocking first year, Pep came good for Manchester in the succeeding 2017/18, winning the League cup and the Premierleague titles.

He won the premierleague trophy playing champagne football, this wasn’t unexpected as the caliber of players on ground and recruited were either tailor-made or could easily be groomed to play the Pep style.


Having come from zero level, he has won 2 trophies in England in his second season.(some have joked he took over from his arch rival and United’s coach who once had the enviable record of winning trophies in his second season at a new club). With these feats, Pep has taken the number of trophies won in the last 10 years to 23 in all; from his time at Barcelona in 2008. That means his trophy cabinet over the last decade is way above every other coach’s. Laurent Blanc won 15 trophies, Mourinho won 13 over the same period under review. In classical street parlance Pep Guardiola can conveniently be regarded as the OBA, EMIR AND OBI OF COACHES across Europe and the world in its entirety.

Below is the list of the top 10 winners in the last decade:

  • Pep Guardiola (Barcelona, Bayern & City): 23
  • 2.Laurent Blanc (Bordeaux & PSG): 15
  • 3.Jose Mourinho (Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid & United): 13
  • 4.Carlo Ancelotti (Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid & Bayern): 11
  • 5.Luis Enrique (Barcelona): 9
  • 6.Unai Emery (Sevilla & PSG): 9
  • 7.Alex Ferguson (United): 9
  • 8.Max Allegri (Milan & Juventus): 9
  • 9.Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid): 8
  • 10.Arsene Wenger (Arsenal): 6
  • 11.Antonio Conte (Juventus & Chelsea): 6
  • 12.Diego Simeone (River Plate & Atletico): 6