It was on this day, March 20th, 1990, that the Lakers retired the jersey of Kareem Abdual-Jabbar.  No other Lakers would ever wear the #33 Jersey that Kareem wore.
Los Angeles basketball fans have been blessed with some amazing players.  But one player Los Angeles basketball star gave his greatness both to the UCLA Bruins and the Los Angeles Lakers.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points in 20 seasons, will be the fourth Laker to have his jersey number retired. The others are Elgin Baylor, No. 22; Wilt Chamberlain, No. 13, and Jerry West, No. 44.

Abdul-Jabbar played 14 seasons for the Lakers before retiring.At the time of his retirement, no other NBA player had scored more points or won more MVP awards than Kareem. But what Los Angeles sports fans appreciate the most are the 3 NCAA titles that he won at UCLA, and the 5 NBA titles he won with the Lakers.